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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My first day of school was just yesterday, and already I'm stressed out. =/

I take all honors in all my classes except for P.E. so it shouldn't be a surprise that I get all this homework, but still...

My first period is Theater Arts. I was allegiable to take honors in that class because I told them that I acted in another school before this one, so they allowed me to use it. Already, we are doing a fund raiser, and we're selling pies for ten dollors. that's right. Ten dollers. I'm going to have to find someone who can buy something for that...well the librarians are gluttons so it shouldn't be too hard to get them to buy one....

my second period is English, and it's runned by the head football coach. Natrually, I'm not atheletic, so I'm not used to the teachings of a coach, so he scares me a lot. He's extremelly strict and already he gave me a book of which to read chapter one just yesterday (The Pearl) and just today he gave us a project to do either by myself or someone else...Maybe I could work with Mariah and/or Coleen...? wait a minute, he said we can have a max of three people, so maybe we could do that...less work and stuff...or maybe they want to work by themselfs...I don't know, I need to consolt them about that.

My third period is weird. It's like a computer class. Yes, that's right, a computer class in honors. Father said that it'll help me prepare myself for the colegge taht I want to get to, so I trust him. Currently, it's my favorite class because I'm the fasest typist in there and I never have so much work to do.

Fourth Period is Chemistry. We're not doing that much in it. Just explaining the saftey's of stuff such as broken glass and practically every thing that every chemistry calss first beigns with.

Fifth Period I have Algebra (there's a fancy word for it, but I forget it. basically, the second half of Algebra I but not quiet Algebra II). This is by far my most feared class. I only fear it because this is the only class I have with Sean in it. And because of that, I get worried about what he's thinking then what the assignment is and because of that, I don't know what the hell I'm suppose to do with my "algebra" homework. -_-. I hope that I pass it...

Then I have History. Nothing special really, just that we're giving notes for a test soon. So I have to study for that.

and then there's P.E. nothing special at all. I can't wait until christmas comes and goes so that I can hurry up and do the cooking class that I REALLY look forward too. As a metrosexual, I love to cook! ^^. Actually, I've never cooked before in my life. -_-. but I think this will get me started...

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