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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm both dissapointent yet pleased at the same time. I'm dissapointent that I have five more days to wait for school and I have these stupid dreams everytime I sleep. As if my dreams are taunting me. I am pleased though, that I dreamed about Sean, yet not took special intrest in it, like I had with outher dreams of him. It shows that I've gotten over him...at least enough.

It was the first day of school. My first class was Chemistry. I could tell because I saw science/art tables around the room and chairs all around the table, except for the short sides. I was one of the first people in, so I took the one closest to the end (the next to last one). I saw random people walk in after me, some I remember some I don't. Then I immediatly saw Sean in the crowd, so I ducked my head. (I didn't want him to see me for some reason.) Though that didn't help much. five minutes later he called my name. He wanted me to to pass him the paper wad that was near my feet...A paperwad? For throwing at peoples head? How come he's not nervous like every one else?

I need to tell my friend Hippy this so that she can tell me what that means.

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