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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dearly Beloved
This past week has been somewhat bad for me. I got sick, a common cold and a fever, so I couldn't talk well at all. But the plus side was that my best friends Sarra and Kattie came over with the soul attention of making me feel better. Although Kattie's motive for bringing me flowers was obvious (she has a crush on me), I was so happy, I just had to hug her tight.

Currently, she has the same cold as I did.

Then on Sunday, I went over to my youth group and had such a rememberbal time there. I was there late, so they were singing praises by then. I was noticing everyone there and I noticed a real good friend of mine looking real down. Like his face was down and everything, not the usual hyper way he usually is. His name is Sid Tonhunsi (he was born in some other country, but he speaks real good english. He doesn't even have a native accent.) Anyway, I've noticed that right after the song was over, he went over to the restroom and he slammed the door open. I was kind of scared to do so, but after a minute, I went inside there to "wash my hands" and I've noticed taht he was crying. I can't go into details why, he's kinda embarressed by it, but the main thing was that I was going through the same thing he was. And after that he said that he wished he was there whenever I was going through it. I felt so protected then...

On Monday was the day that I had such a surprising phone call on my cell. I've never dreamed I'd see the day when Sean would call me, but not expecting much, probably a prank phone call or something, I anwsered it. He was inviting me...ME...to go see Simpsons Movie with him and some other friends of his. I don't know why, but I declined, saying that I was grounded.

I wonder if the reason I didn't go is because I just know that I'm going to crush over him again if I hang with him...? perhapes.

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