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Monday, July 30, 2007

Mustache, Monkey, and a Barrel.
The mercy me concert was awesome! It really made me think about my afterlife again. So much that it made me cry. The song So long self was in my head the entire night, and I can honestly say that right now, that's the song that people should compare me as. We had really good seats, about 60 feet away from the band. So you could see their facial expressions. I knew who this band was the instant they played the song I can only imagine, because my mom used to play it around the house lots and lots of time whenever she cooked. Mysteriously, she cooked a lot better when she hears that song rather than those times when she doesn't. But...that doesn't mean the mothers cooking isn't good without I can only imagine. I don't know, I guess cooking is weird that way. It's a good thing I'm taking it as a course this year.

In my freshmen year (last year) I used my ninja skills to get information over my crush. Turns out that he took all honors, which I didn't that year, so that's why I'm taking all honors this year. I have a higher chance to see him this year...

I'm not sure if I'm excited or worried.

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