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Friday, July 13, 2007

My god last night was wonderful.

I forgot to tell dustin where to meet, but during this week, I've been having nervous thoughts in my head, such as what if he forgets or what if he can't find me? anyway, I went to the mall and looked for him, he wasn't there. So instead, I went into Waldens to look at the manga section. CHA-CHING! They finally have Flame of Recca 9. I wanted to buy one so bad but unfortuantly, I only had $7 and it was like 20 so I just hung out there for a while.

Dustin found me there like litterly five seconds later. He said that he found be going inside so...we kinda just walked around the mall. He said that he was looking for his girlfriend-to-be because I told him he could bring a friend over if he wanted to. So we walked around the entire mall about once or twice. (our mall is pretty small, but big enough to spend the entire night on. it only takes about five minutes to walk from one end to the next if there's no people traffic) And then we finally found her near chick-fil-a. Dustin bought some sort of strawberry milkshake thing and I bought nothing (I had a feeling I had to save it for something...) but he offered his milkshake for me...that was sweet of him, but being modest, I said no. I've been studying his fiancee the entire time. Dustin was not kidding when he said that she ignores him. She seemed a lot more concerned about buying purses that matches her hair then she was about Dustin himself. And she mispronounced words that even I know...like "abstinence". And she very rarely even looked at Dustin or me. She just talked to this chick that she brought along the entire time. Perosnally, I don't think she cares about Dustin himself, but the idea or him. I don't trust her, and it's not just because of jealousy.

oh Dustin....please be careful...

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