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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

first non song subject. It deserves it.

I know you all are confused, espeically you mimi and hippy, but I've got over Sean as of right now. (as of right now is the clue word. I'm sure my crush will rise if I see him in public again. it's just low because of his abstence) so...instead I found someone even better, or as Jewel had said in her song. "Well excuse me, I confused you with someone else. Somebody who gives a damn, somebody more like myself." His name is Dustin Hinson, and he's sooooooooo increadibly adorable. But...I can never have him, because, well unless he's hiding it to look cool, his survey on his myspace shows that he is homophobic...a big one at that.

He doesn't know that I'm...well. But my plan is to raise my friendship with him so much and then tell him, not the other way around (I tell them my secret which forces the friendship to go up) that I usually do it. He is so sensitive and sweet. And the good news? He's on my top, obviously, but also, I'M ON HIS TOP 8. I was so increadiably happy when I saw my face sitting on slot number 6. The other people on top are like crushes and ex-girlfriends and stuff. Though I'm still relantant to call him a best friend. More like a close friend really. I'll tell him once we become best friends. like slot number 3 friends.

and the best news? I called his number and shyly asked him if he wants to go to the mall on thursday. he agreed! I'm so increadibly excited!!! I can't wait!!!

I'm in love all over again, but hopefully, he isn't a fraud like Sean was...no he's not. Sean's aura is more...eviler than Dustin's.

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