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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Right Now
Hahahha. what fun!

Yesterday, I was on Myspace and I was doing the one thing I do best. Stalking Sean. And it turns out htat he was going to funtrackers that night. So naturally, I wanted to go. But I didn't wanted to look obvious, so I invited two of my best friends, Woobin and Mariah. But Mariah (Mimi-Mako, add her, she's cool!) said that she has a thing to do at church, so me and woobin went instead...

...and we didn't see him. X_X

Oh well, we had fun anyway. And I think for the first time, I was...HAPPY to be away from him. Like Mariha's sister said, Being away from Sean might prove to be good for me. So good by, Sean-as-my-introduction-picture-thing! Hellow...something else. lmao.

oh, and I got stung by a bee, but fortuantly, I'm NOT allergic! ^^

Going to Pizza Planet (yes, it's a real pizza place, no pun from Toy Story) with Woobin and Mimi (Mariah) and her sister Hippy (Paranoid Hippy65). After that, they might come over and play some games or whatever. I just need to clean my rooom! X_X

New song this week: Core Aririang by O2jam.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

There is no Mathmatics to love and loss
WElll...a lot of stuff happened today....

I was uppose to go to the amll with Chris (that hot guy at the mall) tommorrow...for a "hangout" (I secretely call it a date, but I knew it wasn't because he thinks it's a hangout out and...that's not really fair so eyhah) and I was sooooooo incrediably excited about it.

Now plans have changed...

We were talking on myspace, and one of my best friends found out that we were hanging out and thought that it was a date. He started getting jealous and talked to CHRIS on myspace and started arguing with him. In return, Chris got mad at me about it all (since he is my best friend and all) and not only delted me and my best friend, but BLOCKED us. That means that I can't message him telling him that I had nothing to do with it...

I guess my best friend was right. Chris is way out of my league and he will crush my little heart. I'm back to square one again.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

ugh, sorry for not posting much...was too lazy...


Friday: We had a food fight. IT was really short though. I ran out because I didn't want to get food on me, and after the fight was over, there were like three fist fights all over the cafeteria, I was afriad to go in, but I knew that I had to in order to get my crap. So when I walked in, I found Mariah (Mimi-mako) cleaning my $80 yearbook with a napkin...she's so incrediably sweet. I had to hug her.

Saturday: We went to the mall, where Mariah, Hippy, Ella and Woobin all hanged out (me too of course). Anyway, hippy found this book that like you ask a question and she opens a random page and that's the anwser. Kinda corny, I know, but I asked if the thing actually worked, and Hippy turned a page and said "it says put it down..." hahahah!

After that I found this ubberly hot guy that decided to talk to us. (I found play boy inside the book store and I said "Why do they sell playboy here?!?" kinda loudly and he came by and talked.) He is sooooooo cute! But rude at the same time. I couldn't help but think about him the entire night...and I realized that my crush for Sean has mysteriously gone drastically lower sense I saw the guy (chris.) and can you believe it, he's gay too!

The downfall is...he's a sophmore...in COLLEGE, and I'm...well, I'm just an annoying and weak freshmen. I doubt that he'll ever fall for a guy like me and if he does, it'll be awkward...

New song this week: Max Unlimited by DDR

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Okay, first of all, I had sixth period and after that period I usually go with Mariah and walk her to her class, then go to my class, tell them I'm here and then go to the library.

But before I walked Mariah all the way to her class, something caught my eye. It was a flyer that said "Sean Gatz + Historian = Memories." That kinda made me excited. By then, I was staring at it for so long that I missed my opportunity to say goodbye to Mariah...

So anyway, I went to the library, got to excited and restless so I just decided to walk around the school for a bit...

...so...I did...

So anyway I was walking down one wing and from the corner, I saw Sean turned. He saw me and he said hi, then walked past...

This means that he doesn't honest to God hates me! I'm so happy and restless now, I don't even know why I'm in the library...I'm going to look around the school, run away from officiers, and stuff just to look for flyers of him...maybe I'll find one with a picture of him or something and I could steal it...

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Gateaway
I had the most wonderful dream ever last night! I was so scared that I might dream something scary because Wooben and Hippy told us creepy stories at Gatti Town, but this is one dream I'll keep from me forever!

As weird as it might seem, I saw the world in Ella's view. I'm not sure how I knew, whether it was a mirror or whatever, but I knew that I was viewing the world from Ella's perspective.

She (or I) was walking up towards this real fancy looking gate, with a code gate thing on the side. She punched in the code and the gate opened with such little noise...

She got back into her car, and drove up towards a real fancy house, much like the fancyness of the gate, and parked it near the entrance. There were three cars including hers, in the driveway, One was a midnight blue, and somewhat shiny van and another was a common looking Toyota truck that resembled much like my brother's. The entire field was in shade because of oak trees and banana trees that grew all over the place, with Bushes and Shrubs growing on the sides.

The house was magnificiant. It was two story, like most of south Texas's houses, but the second floor had a balcony that extended all the way across, and you could see wide windows about 30 feet apart from each other. The doorway was large, and artsy.

She rang the door bell. No one anwsered. She knocked loudly, and no one anwsered still. So she almost decided to barge right in it (which she actually did in real life a few times), but something intruppted her rude entrence.

Their was a man there, about his late twenties. His hair was flat, but wet and he had brown eyes that could penetrate anyone...usaully me. He was wearing a gray tee-shirt with only shorts. It was clear that he was about to take a nap or something.

"Oh, hey. Is Dale here?" Ella asked in a somewhat excited voice.

"...unless YOURE gale!" She added, but she was joking because she was smiling.

The man, named Sean, laughed. "Nahh. He lives here. He's sleeping right now though...come in, I'll let him know that you're here."

"No, let him rest." Ella insisted, but entered anyway.

"You must be Sean." Ella said with her hang out for a shake. "I'm Ella. I'm one of Dale's friends."

Sean just laughed. "Yeahh. I know you. He talks about you a lot. He really missed you."

"Also about you..." Ella responded.
"Dale loved you so much when you two where in high school. He said that he would kill himself for you."

"Yeah, he told me that he would do that for me a lot..." Sean said.

"Well, just for a warning..." Ella said with a glint in her eye. "Gale is extremelly sensitive; he'll cry if you make a harmless joke about him. He'll think that you're serious."

"For everytime you hurt Gale in anyway whatsoever...I shall kill you." She said, quiet serious...

...and then I woke up...quiet frusterated as I couldn't go back to sleep so I could dream that again...

New song this week: The Gateaway by Hillary Duff

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Build God then we'll talk.
Me, Mariah (mimi-mako), Hippy, Ella, and Wooben (pronounced like Ruben) went to Gatti town tonight...It was awesome! But I told Mariah the wrong time, so they were an hour late. But that's my fault, so I'm not mad or annyoed or anything at them.

So I had to pick up Ella and we drove to Gatti town and we saw Wooben there for the first time in real life. I must say he's really really tall. Taller than me (I'm 5'10) and he seems pretty nice, but insults my intelect a lot which is really insulting...HE's really strong too...

But he seems really intresting. Anyway, after an hour later, Mariah found me with Ella and Wooben at this racing game. It was funnnny! Wooben screamed at Ella to honk. And she pressed the honk button fast and nothing happened, but she just screamed "HONK, BITCH!"

lmao. but yeahh. Then we sat down at the dining section and started taking random pictures...check it out!

I'm the guy that's holding the girl's hand in the brown. This is the only pic on myspace that I'm actually smileing...

Mariah's the shy looking girl to the right of me, and Hippy is the "to tough for you" looking girl on the floor. Ella is my best friend and she's the one in the brown...yes, I know that she looks like that she's about to punch me!!! lmao.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

I'm talking to Ella right now. She seems to be really into this site...I wonder if she's ever going to get a myotaku so that she could comment it herself...

meh...I'll just let her call me...

Ella told me a secrete that only I know. Not even Patricia (her best friend) knows about it. That makes me feel really trusted...

Mariah started talking about her dad's turtle one time. She said that her father's turtle ran away one time...that really makes me laugh...

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Losing my way
First things first, Stephanie said that it's okay. That's all she said. It seems like she doesnt really care about the situation which...makes me happy a little bit but scared too that she might spread it...well she knows that if she does that, she's risking her secret too, so that makes me feel safe...

Ella posted me a comment on myspace with some video. She told me to watch it...ALL of it (because I'm usually too busy to watch it all.) So I did. It was a music video about poor people...it didn't really make sense to me but that's Ella for you...

So I called Ella around that time (6:30 P.M.) and we just start...talking about some random stuff. I love talking to her. She always makes things intresting. It's also so awesome to be able to talk about how I really feel without fear of being judge...That's probably why I like talking to her. A quarter of our conversation was about Sean...

...And we were talking about like if Sean DOES recognize me and...stuff happens would I be on top or bottom? turns out I'm bottom...I must say I agree with her.(If you dont get it...ask one of your perverted friends.)

I asked her a question I ask myself everyday..."Sean torments me, crushes me, makes me cry EVERY week...so...why do I still love him?" and she awnsered that it was because I feel so protected about him. She took the words out of my mouth...I told her that I would seriously kill myself if it ment that Sean would be granted eternal bliss.

"So...you would kill yourself just so that Sean would be happy?"
"And he ignores you and crushes you...I'm sorry, Gale! but I must say that I hate that bastard!"

Can't wait until Saturday!

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'm sick of adding not listening to music everytime I'm in the library. So from now on, if I'm in the library, I'll just say *library*, okay?

For the most part, I talked to this one Korean person on myspace. He seems pretty cool. He invited me to go to Gatti Town (already?) with him so he could "whip" me in DDR...heh...I laugh at his confidence...I invited Mariah (Mimi-mako) to go and she said that she's going to bring her sister, Hippy65 and Trey-Chan too. Can't wiat till Saturday, 5:30! =D

I can't really talk about you know what right now. Because the library recordes like everything I type, so....if I dont want the world find out, I cant type it...not in the library anyway...

So yeah, I'll post more when I get home.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Baby Girl
I got bored one time and started looking at my elemntary pictuers. And I saw my bestfriend, Sarra, a lot in them. Mostly because she was my only friend there ('cept for Mariah and Austin and some...other person, forgot her name. lmao some friend I am.) Anyway, she was my first friend ever so I made a story of how we first meet. Enjoy! ^^

I was only four years old. I didn't know anyone, except the people in my church. But I didnt talk to them there and they didnt talk to me. I always carried a stuffed animal around me all the time. He was a gray wolf and I called him Cloud. He was originally Chip, my brother's, but he didnt care about him at all, so my dad passed it down to me. I loved it and protected it as if it was a little sister. My dad will sometimes watch TV or put on the radio throughout the house and, being four my imagination was great and my knowledge was low, that made me believe that Cloud was actually speaking to me. So I try to talk to him back and just have a conversation with him, most likely from the radio (I didn't know that the noise was coming from the radio, I really thought the stuff animal was like talking...telepathically.)

So...I figured that if Cloud could speak to me telepathically, then he should also do other stuff with his powerful mind of his. Such as...I don't know...protect me?

So I carried him EVERYWHERE I went. Including outside...

me and my brother was outside one time. I was sitting on the porch. My brother was shooting some hoops. (he was ten at the time, btw). Cloud didnt speak to me at that time. I fiqured he was asleep. I looked across the street and I saw a girl in an orange teeshirt scating over to our house. She looked older than me, but much younger than Chip was. I'm not sure why, but that one girl caused such a commotion that even Chip stopped shotting and looked over to her. She was trying to skate, or learning how to anyway. Because she fell down ever thirty seconds. Chip laughed, it wasn't a friendly one either. He was mocking her.

"Hey, look at that loser in the orange dress!" Chip motioned me to come over, and I obyed, never leaving Cloud escape from my arms. The girl was skating towards us now. She looked at me directly then at chip, then back at me as she was coming along. I looked at Chip and there was a glint of light in his eyes. He was planning on doing something, and it doesn't look like it'll be friendly.

"Watch this!" he told me.

He spread his right leg on the sidewalk, later, tripping the little girl. The girl's knee scraped the sidewalk and bleed a little bit. I almost dropped poor Cloud in shock and fear. Chip however, showed no sign of concern, as he just laughed and ran away before he could get into trouble with father.

"Yeah, that's right!" the girl screamed. "Keep on running! you jerkface!!"

Normally, I don't talk to people, because no one talked to me so I never know how to. But something told me to talk to this little girl, about two years older than I was. Was it God telling me? I walked up to the girl and kneeled down. Still not letting go of the wolf.

"Are you okay, miss?" I asked nervously. She decided to take her anger on me. "does it LOOK like I'm okay?" she smart-alleked me pointing to the blood. "Who was that punk anyway?!?"

"That's...That's my brother." I calmly anwserd. "He does stuff like that to me to..." I said. Then I quickly added, "I want to be like him..."

She looked back down the street. Chip was gone. Probably to Adam's house shooting hoops with him. Then she looked at me oddly.

"Why do you want to be like him? He's not cool."

"He's not?"

"naw! duh!"

"but..." I started to claim. "...he has many friends...maybe he's just popular?"

"He's a DICK!" She screamed at me. I flinched, because I always thought that only Daddy can say that word. "...and dick's arent nice!!" She informed me. It wasn't until then did I moved Cloud out of the way of my mouth and showed him to her.

"He was nice enough....to give me his friend...He wants me to be safe." I anwsered back. She looked at me weirdly, but then seemed to understand, as it faded away.

"So....that's your imaginary friend? You have one?" She asked me. It wasn't like she thought I was weird or anything. She asked it as if she understood my loneliness.

"Doesn't everyone?" I asked, dead serious. And before I could stop myself, I immidiatly asked her excitedly, "Can I be your friend?"

"Well surely, you have someone your own age?" She asked me. She seemed more concerned than before, but more annoyed to. I anwsered her truthfully.

"Nope. I've been alone forever. And I need someone to talk to..." I said. She must have thought that that was creepy. Because she immediatly got up and tried to skate away.

"Well I can't slow down for small fries like you. Gotta run kid!" and she took off. Not going very far because she crashed into a tree. She fell down again, and her eyes were sweeling up from frusterated tears. I ran toward her.

"Are...you sure you dont need a bandage for that? I have plenty..." I siad pointing to my house. Being lonly, I find it boring in my home, and when Cloud falls asleep, I go exploring around the house. So I knew a majority of the location of helpful items around the house. But she seemed to ignore me.

"Okay. finnnne. I'll let you hang around for a little bit...and I'll think about it."

"Really?!?" I asked. I quickly pulled her up and hugged her. "This is great! You could be like my big sister!!"

She pushed me away and blushed. "Yeah, whatever." She snapped. and we walked over to her house. She opened the gate, and we went around to the back. We sat at the pinic table that they had there and began talking.

"So what's your name, anyway?" She asked me.

"Promise not to tell anyone?" I asked her, but I anwsered without her trust. "It's Dale." I said with a sour look on my face.

"oh." She said.

"Yeah...I hate it!" I said.

She didn't seem to care why I hated it. "Okay okay, fine. I'll call you something else..." She thought for a minute and asked me what my middle name was.


"hmm....Got it...I'll call you...DJ?"

I just smiled and giggled.

She pulled her hand up, as if wanting a handshake. "My name...is Sarra...Sarra Faye Humpal!"


In other news...

New song this week. Baby Girl by Sugerland

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