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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hai! :D

Hai! :D
Yes Iím still here lol, just had to accumulate my thoughts, jking ..xD
Uhm..for the most part nothing intresting that I really want to talk about, which is why I havenít been on lately, and yeah I know I havenít been as active, with finding new people and trying to progress on the Otaku site. But I really think I might start getting more into that.

Anime is like my dream; I really want to do animation and cartooning. There are also other things I want to do and progress in as well.(Wow! Does this make me sound mature, so serious or what?! XD)
Anyway,me and my buddie Terri were talking about how much we hate school, weíre gonna drop out, and weíre gonna start having annual skip days(once a month, she says) lol
But no I doubt weíd actually drop out, I mean itís our junior year, if I werenít so awsume then I wouldíve dropped out 10th grade, thatís when my grades were really looking down.
Plus Iím lazy. One minute Iím like gonna do it, then the next Iím changing my mind. It surprises me just how lazy I really am. I have just as much potential of doing something just as much as the next person. But Iím like screw that! Boring! On to the next thing which is nothing..Yup.. my attitude pretty much sucks. Iím not as optimistic as I should be about things,especially things that should excite me, like anime(still does) and I dunno, history. I love history!No just politics I think >.o English is awsume, math and scienceÖlolÖ I wonder if person thatís good at every subject, actually exist. Thatís alotta studying. Unless theyíre something like my brother, smart as hell, but doesnít do a thing, and I bust my ass just to keep my grades up when all he has to do is his work. I tell you about bombs, they choose that life style.

So hey!Heres a funny video of this kid and his ghost story. Itís meant to be as a joke in some aspect lol
And the reason behind why he really, freakin hates cats :D

Iíll talk about Paranormal Activity, that recent movie I finally got to see on bootleg xD, weíre not done watching it, On part 3, finishing up on a Friday :O so see you till then.

Buh~Bye <333333

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