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Monday, November 23, 2009

   My official 1st post back on the MyO 0o0

Haiiiii (-.-o)

(You donít have to read this whole thing if you donít want to, itís fairly long! Got carried away x3 My bad!)

Wow Iím really stickin to this huh lol

Just donít neglect me! No Iím kiddin lol. I make a pretty good bash of friends on here (^v^)
Iíd written a long like 8 paragraph vent page, but you guys donít need to read my bitching all the time (0.0).AhhhÖ. maybe I shouldnít have cussed (x3)

But noÖIím always angry, I swear Iím 17 and itís like Iím going through my midlife crisis (O_o)
Iíll be 18 in march so yayyyy (xDDD)
I still donít have a job so Iím broke as lord knows what (xD) Thatís the gud oíl recession kickin in, and boy it ainít pretty D= I really do hope I can find one and soon! Aurgh! If only I couldíve found me one sooner when I was like what 15 >:[

But nooooo (=o) Itís not like Iím stressed or depressed. Iím just not happy, family issues. Like some serious family issues, I think itíd be best if my mum and us left my dad, but with her being sick and having it hard to work, not to mention her only choice would be to work in a work house. Thatís a literal sweat shop. I canít let her go back to that all over again T^T
Other than money issues and being annoyed for no reason alllll the time.(Especially at school >:[]

Che! Man I tell you about high school, its really a trip, especially now. Not all, but the majority, as me and my good oíl friend Terri(I got to recommend her this site, sheíd be all over it lol, sucks I didnít know her before high school. The kid is so awsume =D)

Now back on topic 0v0. We have nothing but posers for the majority, kids who are rotten spoiled rather they work or not. And just some wanna be thugs. I mean really, I didnít exactly grow up around it, but címon a thug, a real thug thatíll steal and all that good stuff is everywhere,even in the nicest of places.
So for a kid that has a real opportunity, and a actual chance to do something and be something still wants to be something theyíre not. Of course itís to please the other crowd. But these kids, the dudes in particular are smart; Iím talkin S.M.A.R.T. here, pretend to be dumb just to impress and fit in, and for what, they get nothing out of it. They donít challenge themselves so they have no idea just how much potential they actually have.

Anyway, the point Iím trying to make here isÖKids should be kids. They shouldnít always worry about what someone else is thinking or how they would accept them. Sure itís nice to be accepted, feels good. Iím always accepted and all I do is keep to myself. So how can it be so hard for the next person to be accepted for just being who they are. Sure itís difficult, but really how can someone take the time and energy out of their day pretending to be something their not when they could be putting all of that into something they really enjoy. I sure wouldnít lol.

I can tell you right now. Iím young but I donít act my age. By the way I act you would swear Iím about 50. Iím ainít ashamed of anything. Including the way I talk, or that Iím really poor. We have no money. Itís not like Iíll lie and tell you I have a job when I actually donít, what so the person can spot me out. Nooo xD
Madaria has no time for the faking business *nods*:3

As you can see from my 5 page essay, if youíve made it this far, I talk a lot. Like more than I should, but I donít care really xD Iím upset allll the time, but overall Iím a pretty happy person and I like to make others happy as well, or atleast put someee kinnda smile on their face (>.o) xD

Um lets see what elseÖ.Iím goofy, straight forward, not afraid to say whatís on my mind. Iím not exactly as open at first. Especially around new people or anyone Iím not used to. Iím hostile, not timid. People seem to mix that up a lot. Because Iím cautious due to some things that made me develop this kind of anxiety, and it somehow changed into attitude. I dunno, really I just lost myself.

But yeah, these are only a few of the things that make up my 1 crazy ass personaility. Iím just spillin it all I know lol. Sorry I tried to keep it sweet and short but it was soooo tempting to just type away xD

Ah Yeah! Itís about that time for me to get my way around MyO and the Otaku ,A.Zakuro, still waiting on some good oíl requests xD No pressure lol jking <3

Welp!This about does it for today, again sorry for this longgg as post. It feels good to type this much every once in a while. And Iím lazy as crap.( yes everything tires me -.-)

Buh bye now ~


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