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Sunday, November 22, 2009

   Im so hungry my stomach is growlin',but I just ate pizza lol


Alrighty first and far most I want to say is...

Helloooooo there! :D
Its been a while.I know with the way how some or most things got disabled on our main otaku back room page,a lot of us have left!

Like seriously to the point of no return lol

I wondered back here due to the fact that I really miss MyO.

I just really do.Itís not exactly the way it used to be but nobody can say its just not the same.I missed the peacefulness and humbleness of this site.

And hey! You can always find more friends. Shu,I still have people from 3 years ago that aint logged 5 years later lol
But itís really good to be here.Iím more than happy to be back.

And yup! Iím within the MyO family once again. For good this time I think.

Hopefully nuthin will happen to my internet or itíll get turned off.Thatíll be such poop:[

Iím not gonna jinx myself tho xD

Oh!And I know how this has nothing to do with the topic written above.But I wanted you guys to know that my humor is still alive. Itís breathin people Iím still the same if you can remember me lol


PizzaÖmmmÖYou gotta luv it.Gawd this makes me hungry =F

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