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Friday, December 21, 2007

current mood:Pissed,but whatever -.-

Song:escape ^.^

Lol,I'm trying something new.It won't last long.I was bored.

Well I had to replace somethings because I tried to copy a person's
banner and put it on my site for support,but that didn't go so well -.-
So I couldn't find some of the stuff I had before so I had to replace it.
I don't really like it but I don't feel like changing it.
Than again I may.I dunno.

Well I just got up recently -.-
Its almost 2 down here.So yeah you know.My folks got off
kindda early today.
I guess I didn't relize what time it was.
Oh well whatever -.-
Well i'm off to watch bleach or something.I'm vivisting sites.
So yeah you know ^-^
Have a nice day.

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