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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh my god.Freedom at last~! XD
I miss my freinds already but I need some kindda break.
Like super bad so yeah this is a good thing ^-^=
Nothing much happend.We took exmas.
I aced one of them with flying colors!
The other 2 I don't think I failed but you know.
I might've got a D.But I didn't fail.I hope not at least.

Happy Holidays every one ^-^
Chirstmas is like in 5 more days.
I have to go finish my shopping.
I'm getting a backpack,some new belts
mybe.I dunno I just need a white one really.
And some slides.I really want some so bad.
I got only white shoes and they get dirty so fast.
So yeah you know. -.-

Yay onna my best freinds is back X3
His original account name was Iticha.But its acting crazy.
So he made a new one its called God Of Tsukuyomi
I'd Appreciate it so much if you could visit his site and stuff you know.
Hes such a sweet boy thats onna my buds ^^

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