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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lol,I like this little icon ^-^

Anyways I'm sorry I couldn't get to you alls sites yesterday.
I had to get off to study.So yeah I got you today.
But let me tell you about the play >.<
It was so funny.All of us pretty much embarrsed ourselves.
But it was fun though ^-^Plus the teacher said we all did good.
All I have to do is ace the exam tomorrow.Than I should be good.
I need to do makeup work in her class anyway.

Study staudy.I have to study hard >.<
Or else I'm gonna fail >.<
But its all good ^-^
I've been sick this whole week.
My cold is getting worse and worse >.<
The Nyquil isn't doing half a shit.I took it 3 times.
Its just amking it worse.Oh well I sucked it up and took my exams.
Cant act lika baby now >.<

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