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Monday, December 10, 2007

(You all remeber him.My little avi ^-^=
Yeah just thought I'd put him on here for old times sake ^^)

Anyway I'm sos sorry I haven't visited sites in a minute.I'm
not gonna lie to you I've been cuaght up in anime.
Its some yaoi anime too.God I love that stuff.Its ust so I dunno sexy I \
guess.Its real sweet like cute sweet ^^.

I was gonna visit peoples sites yesterday and the day before
but I got caught up in watching Loveless and a new show I never saw before.
Suksiyo.That show is so freaky ^-^=
Yeah I suppose I can be a bit of a pervert.I was thinking about that show
the whole time at school >.<
I suppose thats kindda weird.Oh well what ever =w=

Anyways I'll be stopping by promise frist thing. ^^

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