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Saturday, December 8, 2007


Hello ^-^
I'm sorry I wasn't on yesterday.I needed a brake you know.
I played Zelda yesterday.I finally caught up with my brother.
How he always gets pass me the world will never know -.-


(snowmen ^-^=)

Anyways.I was watcjing bleach last night on the computer It was ep.151 I think.
Crazy stuff^^ This cute little adorable boy with the blue hair Nel I think thats it.
Hes so friggin cute ><
He calls Ichigo,Itsygo.X3 Hes so adorable.^^
Well enough fantisysing over the cuteness of the kid ^^
I think i'm gonna show you all some of my art work.
Well theres a little on my other avove(haruhi picutre)
Yeah it might not look alot like a button bujt it is^^
I need practice I know -.-
I'm new at that stuff.
I've never ever made my own button.
Somebody else always makes it for me.
*sigh*Yeah I can be pretty pathitic sometimes I know -.-

(this would be my expression in Orihime form ^^)

(wheeeeeeeeeeeee X3)

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