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Thursday, December 6, 2007


Hello all ^-^

You miss me ^-^+(randomness >.<)
Okay that was lame.^^'
Anyways.Today was another boring day ofcourse nothing new -.-
I made a couple of newbie freinds.Its go good making freinds.
Im mean imagine tying to just do stuff by yourself.
Isn;t it better to just work with somebody else for a change.
I started to do that in frist period,but I didn't really feel like being botherd.
I shouldda worked with one of my buddies.I bet she was o so bored.
Oh well -.-next time we can partner up i'll just ask than ^-^


I got far in the Zelda game.For those who still don't know
which one i'm playing.It would be twilight princess.The newest
one ^^
Its so damn fraustrating at times -.-
Oh I forgot to tell you.
On my game I named myself Ducky,and I named my horsey
Pookie *ha*^-^ I htink its a cute name for a girl horsey ^^=


Well thats all for now ^-^

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