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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Randomness -.-

Mmm..Hot coco ^^

Aw I just think this si sop sweet ^-^=

So yeah I had a pretty good day today.
I got abused by onna my new buddies.Infact two.
They just be so mean -.-
But I had a bit of fun I suppose.
Well we went back in the freezing cold.Horah -.-
And ona my best freinds came in our boring third period ^^
We miss that mane so bad!He started poking my side.
Don't you hate when people poke your side.>.<


Lets see.
Oh about that Zelda game.Its the newest one.The princess twilight.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh my brother passed me.The punk.He makes me so sick.
What makes it so bad is that he just rubs it in my face.He laughed at me.
Not the tad bit of encouragement.
Plus meh daddy onna catch up with us so he want let me play.
I don't wanna win to fast.
I want to enjoy my game ^^
But I can't cuase of my annoying brother.
He irritates me ><


Oh wells ^^ I'll just play when I get the chance ^^
Well i'm off i'll be visiting you alls sites

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