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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hello all ^^
Sorry I wasn't on yesterday.
Stupid internet was acting crazy >.<
But i'm here now so thats all that matter^^


Omg!I got so far in Zelda yall ^.^=
I'm at the second boss almost.
I'm at some volcano thing.With a buncha hot lava.
Its gonna be fun ^^
So as soon as i'm done here.I'm going to play >.<


Lets see hmmmm......
Nothing really great happened today.
Except 4th period was fun for the frist time
in a long time.
See we have this play thats due on the 20
So we went to the libary.
It was sortta boring at frist.
But this dude in our group always get the best of us.
So he stay having us luagh and stuff cus he crazy (in a good way ^^)
So yeah we were jsut talking about what we should do and wear and stuff.
It was so much fun ^^
Well thats the only thing that was really fun.
Oh and we saw this sexual haressment(dont think I spelt that right -.-)
It was funny as hell ^^.

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