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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hey My freinds Of the O ^^

Sorry I've been gone for a bit.
I had to much studying.
(God I know everyones tired of hearing that same old excuse -.-)
Well that excuse is always more than likely true >.<


Hey guess what!My daddy bought me a game cube.
I just thought I should let you know now,I'km not really
a vidioe typpa person.I like drawing most the time.
But any ways ^^=He got Zelda the one where he turns
into this cute wolf.Okay hes not adorable cute -.-
But still its a good lookin wolf ^.^
So we've been playing that yes me and my daddy -.-
He loves it just as much as I do.My sister and brother
too >.<
But I just started today and I'm half way there with pops >.<
That makes me happy ^^
Well seeing that I've been watching him most the time ysterday.
He stayed up til 3 somethin >.<
I feel asleep on him ^^ But not on purpose =w=(okay a lil)
But I was tired!


I hope you all like my new theme.I just couldn't resist any longer.
I had to make a fruits baskets theme again.I'm officially
(particailly done -.-)With the whole season.
I'm starting on the manga next week mybe.I dunno.
I might even decide to buy it this time.
But yeah ^^.

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