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Thursday, November 29, 2007


(Isn;t he cute ^^= hes like a doll I swear!)

(How I shouldda felt -.-)

(This is my mood)


Hello My freinds of the O!
Sorry I couldn't get to yas yesterday.i had the evil h/w to do.God
dosen't h/w suck sometimes.I mean its useful.But still.
Let me tell you about my stupid mood >.<
I shouldn't even be feeling like this.
But certain people have me feelin this way -.-


One girl is a bully of some sotr.And I just should let you know right now.I'm
against that bullying shit.Cus I used to get piked on when I was really young
like in 1st all the way up to like what 5th.Yeah I had it bad.
I was always the quiet type.I never did anything to none.I was really a sweet little girl.
Thats nmostly the reason why I'm sos crazy now.Well that and at home stuff sometimes.
But family is always important!No matter what!
Anyway like I was sayin.I was gettin fed up wit 2 of these girls and my 4th period
(god I hate 4th period -.-)


One girl was bullying this girl I'm cool wit,and the ohter said I can't fight.
Its not the way she said it.Well it kindda is -.-
But the fact that she even said it.I wasn't even paying attetion to her at frist
until she said that >.<
My freind looked at me I looked at her.She looked back at the otha girl.
She went like you must've lost yo damn mind!
Cus its like I can put up with most people and they shit.
I just ignore them.
You see the girl like a damn physco.She not mental *serious*
She just a crazy nut.Like crazy stupid like.
Anyway what the hell that hefa know.She neva seen me fight.
Cus I keep to my self.I'm not the fightin type.
But if it really come down to it.I'll busta mahfuka in they ass.I'm not talkin shit.
Cus she made me mad as hell yestaday!She don't hit people or shit like that.
She'll neva touch em.She just say a whole buncha shit.Cus she be messin wit them and shit.
But some people don't take that shit.
*sorry for all the bad language.Just gotta make a point ^.^*
I'm not trynna be a ***** but i'm thinkin its time to come down to that you know.
Oh well guess we'll just have to tomorrow want we.I'll tell yall okay ^^


(current mood -.-)

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