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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hello people sorry i'm p;osting so late.
Mane I don;t even feel like typing this crap over -.-
Why beacasue I had typed it once and I only copied one thing*SLAPS FORHEAD*
I hate when I do that >.<
I had my day wrote out and everything.mybe I should buy me a diary or something -.-


It just really upsets me.Ihate my sister.That lil hefa get on my last damn nerves!
I will cut that lil girl throat!She is like hell!She always get me in a bad ass mood.


God I'm pissed.
But anyway how was you alls day ^^
Hope your not in a bad mood like me.I really don't feel like going to sleep -.-
Guess because I don't wanna wake up and gotta school in the morning.
But I have to go rather I sleep or not >.<
So hope you all have a good one.

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