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Sunday, November 25, 2007

   Hello my good freinds

Hey people.Sorry I didn't update yesterday,I went over my cusin's.She wanted me to spend the night oh so bad -_-
So I did ^-^It was okay,we played spades and I d clare war ( I think thats how you spell it ^-^')
Yeah my spelling sucks -.-'


But other than that I watched death note.Whcih was good as usual.L is the cutest looks almost as good as light ^-^=
Lets se not much else reall happened.My brother annoyed me to juke.But I didn't.
I'm not the dancing type.It really dosen't entertain me >.<


Hmmm.Not much else happened.Me and my granny tried to watch Wrong tunr 2.But the damn movie kept messeing up
and at the good part too! >>< I hate it when that happens (bootleg -.-)
But not much else happened.I'm gonna be vivsiting sites when I can so don't get up set if I don't drop by.
I love yas ^-^ -.-

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