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Friday, November 23, 2007


Oi people ^-^
I hope you all ahd a good thanksgiving *huffs* I'm sos glad I don't
have to keep typing that anymore >.<
But mane I had a crazy thanksgiving -.-


Frist off let me tell you about how tired I was.So as soon as I got over my
Gammie's.I hugged occasionally as usaul.Talked for a while and whatnot.
Than I sat on the couch and feel asleep.Than it was time to eat.I was so tired.
I literally feel asleep while at the table.My cusins finally managed to wke me up.
We had a good time ^-^


But that wasn't the crazy part.Okay so you knwo I said I was going to do 2 things yesterday.
Gammies and dinner.So it turns out we stayed for dinner at Gammie's too.Than when we got
back home,we ate dinner again.For some reason I have no clue why I'm hungry now.
My tommy started hurting.So after the dinner we had a dance thingy.Winner got 10$
My tomach was hurting so I didn't even attempt.My brother and my cusin won -.-
They deserved it though!Anyway soon after we played Uno.Were everyone cheated.
Which pissed me off,but nothing pissed me off more than the fight between
my two cusins.Who are wild anyway -.-
I'm tellin ya I've never seen the look I saw on my Daddy's face.
But somehow.My Ma and Daddy+cusins all had a longgggggggg talk about it
and you know what.Its as if It never happened ^^'
Not exactly how I planned my day.But hey what can you say ^.^'

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