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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving everyone ^-^.
I know I said that over a million times.
I'm sick of sayin it too.Just tyring to
get into the holiday spirit.


Wow it is now 6 somethin and I haven't got a single bit of sleep.
None (-.-)So I'll probal feel crappy this morning when I go down Gammie's
>.< Its my own fault.I wanted to watch fruits basket.Plus I wanted to finish
my project which sucked.Becasue somthing is wrong with my wordpad.
Becasue It didn't show up.5 paragraph essay.I hate those things >.<
Now I have to type it over if I want to maintian my friggin grade.Its 45%
Meaning I don't turn it in.I go from a b to a 10 or a 3 mybe ^-^'
I'm pissed about it.Very much -.-
But anyway.I'm doing nothing but downloading songs.


I'm tired.But to bored to go to sleep -.-.How unfortunate.So hopefully
some new music will put me to sleep

Well remember.Have a happy thanksgiving.(god I'm sick of saying that -.-)
Buh bye ^-^

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