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Thursday, May 17, 2007

   OI know yall dont wanna read this long as post,but I typed it up for yall entertainment.So please show me some appreciation.
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I love this show!Gravitation is da shit.Even if it is man on man action.So!I have nuthin against gays!Infact I think yaoi is sexi ^-^

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And look at this.Its so precious!Dont you just love that feelin when you have a fight with yo boyfreind/girlfreind and yall make up.And they hugg you or somethin like that sayin a whole buncha sweet stuff.Its so I dunno but its just a real good warm feelin.You cant help it eitha.Cause you like da person so damn much.Sometimes even if dey is a bad ass,thug,druggie or wat eva.You cant help cause you like em.Its wierd right.Well dats just my opinion and how I see it.Hell I cant help it.I like those sweet innocent wit a edge typpa boys.But I mostly lika a boy who is extra funny(I love ta luagh)And Direct.Everybody lie,Hell I lie.Dont tell me you aint neva lied before in yo life.Exspecailly to yo parents at least once or twice.If you dont wanna get dat ass tore up you will!Hell i'm serious.So I dont wanna hear dat!Tell me the honest truth,or dat would be a lie

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And dis pic is so adorable.I really dont like kids.But hell I wont grandkids one day.Even if I have to have some of my own.Tell me would you spoil your kids to much,spoil dem a lil,or hell not at all?I'm serious ansa da question.I want yall honest opinion.I'm dead serious.Ansa!

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Neh you know they jus to cute =^.^=

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Look at Rinie,(I guess dats how you spell it???)
She so pretty aint it ^-^

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How adorable is she i just love cute stuff ^-^=

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This one is the best of dem all hell!I say hell alot dont I ^-^
Well i'm goin to prom tomorrow night.I'm gonna be so pretty.My brothas goin to.I jus hope he dont act all funny or anti socail.I mean I can be like that sometime but nuthin like he be actin.I'm serious and if you know my brotha he koo aint it.He jus act so different at skoo.So quite and stuff.And its not because he nervous or nuthin.He jus act so damn.Quite????

But hell I'll try my best and make him have fun ^^ if I can hell.He be so fun at home.Me and my cusin stay trippin off him.He to damn funny.Its jus it all go down to hell when he get in skoo,and we go our separate ways.Its like the life sucked outta him.Cause he way more hypa den I am.He be dancin around and all typpa stuff.But its shi I dunno.I be so worried sometimes.

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