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Monday, April 16, 2007

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Hey everyone,look at da cute lil pic above.Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww aint it adorable.=^-^=
Anyway on with how things went today.
It was borin for the most part you know with mid terms and all that kindda crap,but it was all okay cause the kids in my class were makin me laugh.I'm tellin ya the dudes in my class will have you fall out laughin dey so stupid^-^But the hallway was sooooo stanky on our way to and back from lunch!I mean bad fish and perm smellin ass kindda stank it smelt sooo bad >.< I almost passed out I tried to go wayyyyyyyyyyy back to the end but people kept on jumpin behind me boostin the line up,it sucked.But it was funny though cause people was makin up words you'd neva imagine^^'It smelt like ass on the real tho -.-
Sorry everyone but since these test are so damn long the schedules are messed up hell we dont even get to stay at lunch no longer than 10 mins.I'd just be gettin outta da lunch line by than its real crazy,So no computer lab this week.I'm actually glad,its sooo borin in there I kindda hate it >.<

Oh and could you belive my brother thinks hes the main character of what I really dont know.But we just arguin for nuthin.To tell you the truth I really didnt mind till he said I was jealous.Jealous!Of what like I wanna be the main character of wateva he was goin on about and niether does he but ey thats just how he gets.Gotta always prove his point,which he didnt do so good of ^-^=But dats my bro regardless -.-'

Anyway I hope everyone had as much good of day as mines was borin I know yall tired of hearin me say that but its jus o so true^-^

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