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Saturday, April 14, 2007

   Its true!The super stitions are true!
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How i'll never doubt friday the 13 again!
I think I had the most worst day everrrrrr!
I'm in a hell alot of pain right now,omg i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick.I think i'm gonna throw up >.<
You see yesterday it was goin all good at frist i got to see my freinds again cause i missed the other day cause i was sick.They were all like ohhhh were was you!?You know how people get,we missed you.Its so borin and all that when you wasnt here,I aint have nobody to talk to or mess wit.You know that typpa stuff cause people think of me as i donno the center of thier joy i guess i really dont know -.-'Anyway around 5th period this pain struck me,god it hurted like hell,i thought i was seriously gonna faint!Forreal!I WAS SICK YALL AND MY DADDY NEVA ANSWER HIS PHONE!So I had to walk home omg I was in so much pain!
The pain want go away hell i'm still hurtin!Than it was lightin and thunderin,I swer I thought we was gonna have a tornado or somethin.And the whole night I was just twistin and tossin cause i was hurtin sooooo damn bad!But i'm doin alot better than I was.Though i'm still sick.

But I promise i'll visit everyones sites today,and update somemore later on right now I can't do much of nuthin,i'm hurting to gravely>.<

But I hope everyone has a nice day and all^-^

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