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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

   Hey! Looks who's back~
I'm back only because there is virtually nothing left in school that can drag me down any more than it already has. But wait, that's good news! My absolute last day is Friday!!! Yesterday was a 1:20 dismissal, with today being 2:25, wed/thur--12:20 and Friday is 10:40! SO it's gonna be a short week for sure! Finals for me are thursday and wednesday. but after that, I am finally a 10th grader, and not a moment too soon. It's also marking another month closer to my driver's permit, which I get on my 15th birthday, 10-11-05, so I can't wait for that either...what good is it aving a car if you can't drive it...right? anyway- umpiring is coming to a rolling stop, only a few more weeks of that, gonna end up with about $300-400 for that job, and my current business, the landscaping one, is on high gear now that summer is approaching, I am looking to hire some employees, so if you live in the shoreline area, PM me. *hah, like that will ever happen...* I also was planning to go up to an indoor raceway up in Moses Lake...**Panda, if you know what I'm talking about, talk to me!** other than that stuff, not much else. Goodbye till tomorrow, or the next day.....~

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