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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

One Word.....:Viruses... Unfortunately, things have been going slow, all thanks to the infamous hack-atackers. B/c of them, My computer (a very expensive laptop btw) that I use for my site updates etc. has encountered some recent VIRUSES and have kept my hard drive (for the computer geeks:Master Boot Drive) working at an alarming rate. ne ways, i upgraded my Norton Anti-virus service (i reccomend it to every1...) to keep up w/ the newest viruses...VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!: do NOT open any unknown email, or even download files from people that YOU KNOW OR EVEN FAMILY. The reason this: new age hackers can now hack into internet servers (i.e. AOL,Netscape,Yahoo,Hotmail, etc.) and intercept emails w/ attchmnts on them and replace your file with a virus with the same name as the suspected file that you sent. So when you poen and download "YOUR" email, the attached file is really a virus. *ALL OF THIS INFO IS FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE* Please! This is for YOUR SAFETY!!! Do otherwise @ ur own risk...I know computers and viruses! Even going to some websites may have some imbedded viruses in pics (i.e. ".gif" files or pics that move) that contain viruses that may harm your computer when you open that page. *****theOTAKU SITES ARE SAFE HOWEVER***** Thank you for taking the time to protect yourselves. PLEASE!!! be extra safe as there are 5+ new BAD viruses out as of this mornibng that some Anti-virus programs have not caught yet! THANK YOU! ~for more info, email me @: andrewigl@aol.com, AIM andrewigl

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