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Thursday, April 28, 2005

   ah boy, all these things that I've done...but couldnt post about...
yep, hah, pun on the song btw...

Yeah internet has been working none other than sparingly...computer's fine now.

Tuesday night, I had a baseball game that we lost only because if I could pick 2 people to go be shot on Mars, it would be the two umpires..and I dont say things that bad about umpires considering I AM one, but this was an exception.

They were calling strikes 2 feet over the TOP of our HELMETS!!! ARG, I'm stopping before I get outta control *evil laugh*

anyways, another heads up, I an leaving for a quick little vacation to Chicago from Sat. morning till Minday afternoon, no posting then.

Not much else here...seeya later I guess....yeah enjoy the music...please.
"I've got soul but I'm, not a soldier..."

stupid long boring survey

Created by kittiexrocks343 and taken 171 times on bzoink!

basic crap ....
your lame name is ...Andrew
how old are you ...14
you live ...Near Seattle, WA
why your taking this survey ....because I found it
social life stuff .....
do you have many friends ...yep
what are their namesum...."MANY"
why are you friends with themthey are all nice people
how long have you been friendsdifferent times
what grade are you in9th
is your school full of whores like mineyeah...unfortunatly
are you popularyeah
classify yourself ex. nerd . prep ... ectNone of the above
random stuff
are you gaynope
if you were who would you go out withI'm not
why am i asking you thisI wish I knew...
whats your favorite bandLinkin Park/The Killers/many others
whybecause they have good music
what kind of music do you likeRock/Alt.
gangsta or punkneither
what kind of shoes do you wearrunning shoes or hikers
whats your neighbor to the left of your houses nameKermit...no joke
hard questions
if you had one wish what would it beTo be happy 24/7
die alone rich .... or die happy poordie happy
black or whiteum....why?
have you ever drove a lawnmower to your neighbors house because your lazyas a matter of fact, yes!
dont you wish you couldI HAVE
if you had to pick one person to stay the rest of your life with you who ..oh, tough Q
would you kill your best friend for a cheesecakeNO way!
a really good cheesecakehmm....duh, NO!
more random questions
katsup or ketchupdoes it matter? It's all good on fries and burgers!
where did you buy your computer chairUm, Costco
why dont you knowI DO know...
how tall are you5'10"...182cm
whats your worst habitbeing on the computer all day
whats one good thing about youNever done drugs? it's a little more rare around here...
whats one bad thing about your best friendsif there WAS something bad, they wouldnt be best friends
if you could change one thing what would it be and whyMy car into a faster car
who's your role modeldon't know
whybecause I dont know
do you like evanescencesorta...not
do you like kittiespelling? um, they're cute
who's one person you wanna kill so bad its not funnythe Umpire(s) that umpired my baseball game on Tuesday...
i must go now

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