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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

   sorry again, you know why...
yeah, My internet, is, I'm not goin there.......

The good things, my sister won her game 20-1, I pitched a 1-hiter with a final score of 17-2 (2 runs cam from Other pitcher, not me) and I umpired 3 games this weekend for a total of $75!!! YAY! I went to the thrift store on Monday (yesterday) and was looking at the music stuff, and I saw a sub bass sitting there on the shelf, it was in perfect condition, it worked, so I bought it! It was only $8!! Normally it's $100 at radio shack! WHATTA STEAL!! (w/o the "stealing it".) anyways, now when my music is loud enough, it shakes the WHOLE house, litterally, like an earthquake. I now have a total of....*counts speakers* EIGHT speakers and TWO subbasses, all that in dolby 8.2 surround sound! I ROCK!!

Also last night, something wierd happened to my only 2 year old laptop...the thing I'm on now...

OK, so I'm on last night working with cash flow and net expenses for the past week for my business....yeah, the numbers were definatly looking up! But after I was done, my clock on my computer stopped at 9:52PM

ooook, now what?! It makes some funny clicking noises, then it beeps like time bombs do before they go off, so I run out of my room in 2 seconds, then I come back, my screen went black and the whole thing seemed dead. Well, I was at the time talking to pinsandneedles...who had suggested to give the computer a "computer taco" to make it feel better, but I needed something that WOULD work...heres the good part.......

About 2 minutes after returning to my room, the laptop LITTERALY SERIOUSLY sounded like it made a BURPING NOISE!! Then it came back on, all my programs were still there, didnt lose ANYthing off the computer, wierd eh? Did it actually EAT the virtual Taco and feel better?! Ask pinsandneedles...cause I dont know ^^

Anyways, It's about 8:30 AM on Tuesday, are you wondering why I'm not at school yet? maybe if you payed attention to my last post you would, I get to start school at 9:55 ALL WEEEK THIS WEEK!!! Then on Saturday through Monday, I am goin to be in Chicago...that means CP and RFC, see you Sunday!


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