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Saturday, April 23, 2005

AAAHAHHAHHAA I AM SO MAD AT VERIZON!!!! That's my internet provider, and aparently, it hasnt been providing me with any service since Tuesday!!! I hope I didnt scare anybody that I was gone or something, and So I figured, late is better than nothing! Now because of that, It will be a loooooong post! But it's all good content!

Anyways, going down my list of notes so I wouldnt forget what all I was gonna post about for the last three days: My internet, working sparingly when Verizon feels like it...

Next up is that I finally got some umpiring to do, did a game this past tuesday, gonna umpire another one today, and two games on Sunday, both for $30 a piece!

I played a baseball game on wednesday..we lost more than the game, I am my team's catcher...so anyways, on two occasions, the other team threw that bat at me after taking a swing!! Once it hit me in the forearm (left) and the second time it whacked my left elbow! The ump was of course oblivious to it, and them my first time up to bat, 1st swing, triple length hit, but just foul, 2nd swing, I hit it, but it made NO SOUND...that was because it wasnt off of my bat, but alas it was off my thumb, right thumb...but no pain, It hit SOO hard that my thumb was instantly numb, coundnt move it, I though it was broken or something, but I didnt start feeling the EXTREME EXCRUCIATING PAIN until about 1 1/2 hours later...and it DID feel like it was shattered, and it still hurts now, remember, that was on Wed.!

I also played a game last night, We usually play 7 innings...We were down 7-0 in the bottom of the 6th, we were home team (up to bat) I was up to bat with the bases loaded...I get WALKED!! w00t! Our first run, now only it's getting dark that the umpire says, this is the last inning, no 7th inning, so we have to score 7 more runs before they get three outs, impossible.......we did it, we won the game 8-7!!!! IT WAS A MIRACLE!!!! WE score ALL of our runs in that ONE inning!!

Also, this past week at school, we have been having so insignificant standardized testing, so i wont rant on about that, but the good thing that came from testing is:
NO SCHOOL on monday, and I get to go to school tues-friday at 9:55AM rather thatn the normal 7:50!! YAY SLEEP IN-ness!!

And alas the last thing in my notes is that the much remember little red BMW we got? well, it is having more starter trouble, so it grunges like it has a dead battery before it starts, 10 seconds later...

I'll give ya all a rest now, and not to mention, ok I will:::


*hands hurt from typing this in 3.5 minutes*

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