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Friday, April 15, 2005

   oooh! A long time-no quiz period has ended!

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"In the name of malice, I am on a crash course with bloody destiny!"

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And now, to our regularly scheduled program...

Hey guys, Yesterday's highlight wasnt much...I got another landscape job yesterday, gotta get to the bank for you know what!
Everything else went ok despite being mauled by my own dog...as you may remember from the pictures from earlier, my dog is verrrry large, 145 lbs to be near exact. I was out on our deck trying to brush him cause he's shedding now, whap! He gives me a slap on my right cheek, so I rolled him up in a little ball and held him there till he squeeled...that REALLY hurt, I wanted to make sure he knew that as well... o_o;

anyways, I'm gonna leave the current music up through today, then I'll change it, any requests?? PLEASE tell me what you want on here!!

My other thing to rant on about is my recent snail-ish DSL...
Yep, My internet has been working, but at the sluggishg rate of about 1-2 kbps (kilobytes per second) that is, how fast your sites & downloads load...DSL has a normal xfer rate of near 250 kbps...Dial up at 25-50 kbps, and I'm stuck here most recently at 1/2 kbps...that's 500bps, that is EXTREMELY ANNOYINGLY SLOOOOW... NOT happy about that, and that I must say was a short but meaningful rant...till later, Dont go over the legal limit of caffene, it's dangoerous *wink*


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