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Thursday, March 10, 2005

   Yesterday...crazy day with bad news....


THATS RIGHT...my parents have more bad news...Im sure yuo remember that My MOM'S jeep had to go in for exhaust service, and the bill was $420 dollars....So my mom was driving the BMW while my dad was as work with HIS jeep...SO what do you s;pose would happen if that backup car I speak of...doesnt work anymore!?!? Unfortunatly, we had to find out the hard way...yup, thats right, our BACKUP car wouldnt start, I had to walk home from school and found that it had a burned out ignition relay...we had to have it towed to the BMW shop, and only to find out that this too, would cost us $410 dollars....so if you do the math...thats $830 in TWO days on TWO CARS!!!! THATS CRAZY!!! I gotta work more to pay for this, well not really, my arents payed for it ^^ I gotta go now, gotta whip up some free money?


Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
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How will you commit suicide?You will jump off of the nearest, highest building
How many tries will it take?9
When will you commit suicide?March 20, 2038
What will your suicide note say?The munchkins made me do it!
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