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Monday, March 7, 2005

   AWwwww, Aint nothing like good ol' Puppy Luv!!

Yes, thats cute!!

Anyways, yeah monday, its not that bad for me, sure the weekend was tough for me, but yesterday I got me a new gadget! It may not seem like WHOO HOO to youm, but if i am gonna make a partial living keeping the family cars in order, then it is....I got a OBD II Unit, that is On-Board DIagnostics V.2. It is the thing that says what is wrong with your car when the "Check Engine" light goes on. My dad's Jeep's light went on, and it told me HEY LOSER< YUO DIDNT PUT THE GAS CAP ON RIGHT!! My dad was embarased when he though that the car was gonna explode that the only thing wrong was that he didnt put the gas cap back on tight...but i went and checked it and found that it was broken, so he's not at fault! But that $100 for the OBD saved us $100 already from going to a dealer!!
Im done ranting on about that thing, I also got a cold-heaat solder-er and a portable jumpstarter too! Anyways, Ill be less busy *YAY* this week, and Ill seeya around i guess!

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