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Friday, March 4, 2005

   Ahh, wait....FRIDAY ALREADY?!?!
Wow...that was fast, only 3 days of school this week did that to me! Um, oh yeah! My eye is back to normal, my dreaded glasses AWAY and my contacts back in!!! I have started on some of my makeup work but will still have the rest to do over the weekend. I am in a better mood, more lively and HYPER! OR that could be the two cans of mountain dew, no difference ^^ ehh, I havent put up a funny pic of the day for a while, so how about one now?! here it is, seeya later~

or how bout not....stupid server troubles...my network is struggling again (i GOTTA TRASH it some day...) on dial up, i cant access my pics....so tomorrow for sure, BUT DONT! QUOTE ME ON THAT...gotta settle down!


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