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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

   wellwellwell.....so unexpected....?
So...Yesterday morning I wake up at 7:00am as usual for school....but I dont end up going! Nope, not snow, school isnt closed...but what was closed was my right eye! YUP...I woke up and couldnt open it--scarey eh? So i told my mom, and obviously i couldnt go into school (YES!!) And i went to the optometrist and found out i had an eye infection from saltwater from surfing in hawaii (lucky me) SO i got some $3 per DROP of antibiotic eyedrops, the most expensive one available of course..........so now I can see again, and will ge in school today! I mean *_* bleh, school again.....OH PLEASE SNOW!!! I KNOW ITs ABOUT 60 degrees, but so what!!!??? aaeeehhh thats about it for today EXCEPT THAT IT IS ROARING FLAME CAT's BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! If you could, go wish her a happy 15th b-day!!! othe that that, Ill seeya again later~

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