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Sunday, February 6, 2005

   DISCLAMER::I only posted this picture for laughs, no offence towards anyone who would take offence.

I just can't believe someone actually did that!!

Anywho, my daily rant, as carried on from beyblader is focused on myO's continuing server jamming. If you are running more than one site and only maintain one, as many of you I'm sure do, then you are just taking up space in Adam's servers and are causing so crashes...this also goes out to anyone who has a site and NEVER uses it! PLEASE!!! If you are one who has a site that isn't doing anything, PLEASE DELETE IT! I will delete my technocat site soo after I announce it--oh yeah, I WILL BE SHUTTING DOWN MY technocat SITE ON FEBRUARY 13TH! You of course don't HAVE to get rid of it, it's your choice, but to help myO's community run a little faster for us all, it would be a favor for us all!

Now that that is out of the way, I'd like to say ... um, what was it? ARH!!! I CAN'T REMEMBER!!! OH YEAH!!!! My eye is back to normal, got my glasses put away forever, and my contacts back in, heh...ok, thats it! LATER~~

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