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Friday, February 4, 2005

Yup, So my week has gone by pretty fast...I'm not actually minding it for once...**SMWACK!!** Back to reality here people--This week TOOK FOREVER AGAIN!!! ONLY 4 days felt like 7! Aye, but it's all over now! And yes, I AM going to Hawaii in a couple weeks here...I just never told people that I do in fact own I timeshare there, and so do my parents! So a heads-up here, I'll be leaving on the MORNING OF FEB. 17th And will be back on FEB. 28TH! Ahhh, 11 days of paradise!! I hope i can find a Comp-cafe there so I could post...I'm not gonna take my laptop with me (dad wont let me >_<) Ok, so Let's see how these chickens see their paradse on "TV." ^_^

~Farm HBO~

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