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Thursday, February 3, 2005

   so funny...that it's horrible!!
Okay....what you ask? I'll tell you...the science final...yeah, that one that i made up yesterday...I am laughing now only remembering the pain I felt before *goes to publish last sentence* Yes, My first day of boring ol' health was ok i guess, but the 80 minute final in science (3 others w/ me making it up too) I was done before the others were half done...and that time period was 25 minutes...yup.. I FINISHED IT in 25 minutes. And it was EASSSSYYYY too!! Wow...now that it's thursday, only one more class each till the weekend, And i also wanted to inform you of my upcoming "mid-winter" (like spring) break plans of going to a certain VACATION!!! I'm not gonna tell you where yet...see if you can guess!...here's a hint...A L O H A ! ! !

And the pic of the day--

Man, I'd hate to be that sucka!! LOL!!!!


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