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Friday, January 28, 2005

   Lots to say...mostly bad news...READ IT ALL PLEASE!!!
BIG EDIT!!!--I just got a reply email from my science teacher that said i DO NOT have to drag myself into school today afterall!! It turns out that next Tues/Wed. are the makeup days! (so nice of them to tell me ahead of time..feh) But I am HOME ALL DAY!! AND A THREE DAY WEEKEND (grades due on Monday, teacher work day!) Seeya later *cough hack wheeze*

Ok, lets start off with this morning....I wake up...something is NOT RIGHT...I am sick as a dog...Luckily I didnt have any finals planned for yesterday. I went to the doctor and found that i had another sinus infection (what a surprise -_-) So anyways, im on antibiotics for a week, but I also have my Science final...which means if i stay home sick, I FAIL science...yup, I gotta drag myself to school for 5th period from 10:50 till 12:20 (finals release) tomorrow so i dont miss that final. (im staying home the rest of the day, I am ONLY goning in for the final) IT SUCKS SO BAD!!! Plus, right now (2:08PM Pacific, i have a 102.5F (40.5C) degree fever. Then later yesterday afternoon, I heard an aid car siren coming close to our house (not a surprise either since ther are LOADS of old folk around) and it got really close!! Then 20 seconds later, a Fire Marshall drives by...then a fire truck, anthoer aid car followed by yet ANOTHER fire marshall and the mondo-sized trailer/ladder super fire engine drove on by...and they ONLY dispach that if there is a FIRE...yes FIRE!!! So my mom and i run into our Jeep, and follow the brigade to the scene of the fire...yup, about 1,000 feet from where i live, one of my neighbors' house had a fire inside! So the FF'er were putting it out, and later A BUNCH of red cross disaster relief minivans drove to the scene to help the famly standing in the road, watching thier house...luckily, the house didnt burn down!~~~~~~~~~
Ok, next order of business...um, that's it, unless i forgot something...so much happened today! Well, I'll be seeing you later that is if i survive the final O_- yeahhhh...~

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