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Thursday, January 27, 2005

EDIT::I am home sick today from school, not feeling good at all >_<

Hello again! Well, today and tomorrow I get out at 12:20 from school because of finals! Actually, I only have one final left on friday...the HUGE science cumulative final *dreads* aye, but Ive studied pretty well! My teacher was actually nice enough to give us all a practice final with final-like problems, so Im better prepared! And if you hadn't seen before, I am the official co-ruler of Color Me Evil Inc.!! If you want to join, please do! Click on that link and follow the directions, and/or PM me to join! Better yet, Beyblader (Founder of CME Inc.) and I have been looking for another, but only ONE MORE Co-Ruler.....so If you think you've got what it takes to co-rule a website, please PM me and I'll interview ya! And um...I also emailed my science teacher with those three pics of my bridge burning, and in her reply she simply said "wow, that burned fast!"...and i think thats all for now!

CO-RULER OF COLOR ME EVIL INC.: Where it's good to be bad!


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