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Saturday, January 15, 2005

   contest again
Only one entry so far...and it is currently 26 degrees..hmmm! The forecast says different, now we are supposed to get snow again *orders big box of spoons to throw at weatherman* muahaha!!

In other excitment...there was a small fire at our school yesterday...Right after 5 period started, the fire alarm buzzed us awake, and we ended up standing outside in the 30 degree cold for 45 minutes while the fire dept. put it out, dont have more details, but who would?! later again~

CONTEST TIME!!! (again)

Okay, this contest is a bit easier! WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP!!!, whoever is the closest at guessing the United States' World Trade Deficit/Debt with ALL other countries FROM Jan. 1,2004 to Jan.1, 2005 ONLY!!!, will get a prize, much like the last, of a personalized blog of your choosing, PLEASE this is on the honor system, PLEASE do not look it up, its not worth cheating to get a little blog...thanks~

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