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Sunday, January 9, 2005

   no more snow here....
At least that is what my forecast up ^^^^^^ there says....and now we get RAIN and 42 degrees....i'm glad i took pictures while i could! well, that's about it for now! later~

I am now opening up the prize to the person who gets the closest to the correct answer...please pm me with your answer, and again, good luck!


OKAY! The first person who can PM me how the following word is said for REAL PHONETICALLY, (like "phoenix" for example would be answered: FEENIX; and "chef" would be answered: SHEFF...get it?) WILL RECIEVE A SPECIAL PERSONALIZED BLOG OF THEIR CHOOSING!....the word is...

Hint right up front, the answer is not GI-TEE-OLO ^_^ GOOD LUCK!!!
NEW DEADLINE IS JANUARY 10TH!!! I have only had 2 ppl try to answer it, and if no-one else at least TRIES it, then they will win! ^_^

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