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Friday, December 24, 2004

   Merry Christmas Eve!!!!!
I am so happy cause today is x-mas eve, and presents are tonight-Round one that is, see, on the 26th, the "day after" sales will start and my family will finish our shopping then, and on the 27th, we wil open them! I might add that Washington has a new governor (finally after 3 recounts) CHRISTINE GREGOIR (D) not the one i chose, but oh well, out of 2.4 million votes, she won by the final 130 votes...slim win~ well, merry christmas eve again, and remember to post your presents tomorrow in your posts!! later-~
Please join Fellow Otaku memeber:Beyblader in the 1st annual Christmas Present Shoutout! On Christmas day, list off your presents for your fellow Otakus to see. Please copy and paste this into your next post to help spread the word to every Otaku! Thanks a lot!

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