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Monday, December 13, 2004

   big post...
so heres the current scoop...mad-html is back online so the cursor and the bg work again. Congrats to Chris for winning survivor. The weekend is over. It's monday...thats terrible! I am at school right now posting this cause i was too busy this morning to do so. I am extremely tired right now, dont i sound like it?


no, i am not energetic about that either, because for me: Welcome to the off-season. Thats right, we played the team ONE line better than us, #1 in silver of whom we have tied before, and we lost. The score was 4-3, yes close, but the reason we lost was because of the referees. I am one, so im not saying they are all bad, but the ARs hadn't a clue about offsides, ans the ref didnt call a single foul, so we were getting shoved around, so we started playing the way they were, and one of our guys got yellow carded of course. I was not happy about their winning goal, because our goalie had his hand on the ball after saving it, and this guy comes out of nowhere and kicks it out of his hands, which is illegal and should have resulted in a direct kick for US...but the ref claims he didnt see it, i was playing def. and saw it clearly, so because of that, we lost.

(my greeting)
Im sorry this post was so long, but that's that...and i'll talk to you soon.

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