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Sunday, November 28, 2004

   AYE ME HOME!!! long post...read it all!!
Well....heres how my past couple of days hase gone..~

On friday, i went over to my granparents house (10 min away) to visit and help fix their computer, it had a bug...not a virus though....anyways, about a month earlier, i had gone nextdoor to fix their computer too. so while i was there, i decided to go back to their house to check on how it was doing.....i found it sitting like a human with a heart attack...dying O.O i scrabled to stableize the computer so it wouldnt die...(yes, it could have DIED~KAPOOT!) and i had to figure out what was wrong with it. So it took me two days (long story short, of course) to figure out what was wrong with it...it was NOT a virus, worm, or anything like that, it turned out that after rummaging through the regestry values and keys and drivers, i found that there was no moniter driver, so that would explain why the moniter was set at a 835 x 740 res...really wierd and an 8 bit color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, white, purple) ONLY, it looked really wrong and old. so i was able to find the driver for that monitor, downloaded it and nothing changed...NOTHING! I WAS SCARED...by this afternoon, the system had deteriorated to running on a 400 x 300 res and at 4 bit color (red, green, blue, black) so it was hard to see anything. anyways, i had to get the XP SP2 because it didnt have it yet, and with its new diag tool (sorry if this stuff makes NO sense whatsoever... :D ) i found that someONE had deleted the Intel Graphics Modulater Driver...the thing that makes the moniter display stuff, like the spinal column. BAD!!! so i had about, at this point, 10 minutes before the computer died forever and no chance of bringing it back to life...so now the pressure REALLY hard on me. now i had to get that mod. driver in less than 10 minutes....or else. i found that driver on the net, downloaded it, installed it in its regestry, restarted the computer.....then...it happened..........IT WORKED LIKE BRAND NEW!!! I HAD FIXED THEIR SOON TO BE DEAD COMPUTER BACK TO NORMAL!!! i got $25 for that, then i have more....my grandparents' comp.....had a defrag difficulty, but that only took 3 hours to fix, but my uncle's laptop now has a BIOS jam, so i have to install a patch in it , really long story on that, but my wittle fingers hurt, and im sure so do your eyes, so ill stop...NOW!~ ttyl~~

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