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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

   just a repeat of the last few days

theOtaku.com: What Wolfs Rain Wolf Are You?

theOtaku.com: What Chobits Character Are You?

Congrats!! You got Yakumo and Pai.

Which anime couple are you? (with VERY NICE pictures)
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ROMANTIC ONE. The really most most most important
for you is that she/he is romantic. You love it
to get love letters, red roses and be in a
romantic atmosphere. He/She must make you think
that you are the most beautiful of all. When
he/she is romantic she/he has you got in his
hands. When he/she tells you all that he/she
feels for you ,you are devoted to him/her. At
this point you are easy to be tempt. Your heart
is soft and pure and you would never cheat as
long as you love your partner. But if he cheats
you, you are not hiding your feelings and show
how much she/he hurt you because you trusted in
him/her and never thought he/she could do this
to you.PLEASE VOTE, I want to know what you
think about my quiz, I worked hard on it.You
can always message me or tell me how I can
improve that quiz. Ill sure write back.

~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
brought to you by Quizilla

It's perfect to be yourself...
You are a normal friend...the old and good casual
friend...it's nice to have you around...you are
funny and talkative...good company for all

What kind of friend are you?(anime pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

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