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Monday, April 20, 2009

wow i really need to update before i get lazy agian and dont update for 2 years lmao agian! lmao
so anyway, this weekend was really amazing! i hung out with my friends at the mall on friday, then slept over at my friend Melissa's house. then the next day me and melissa and the same friends we hung out with at the mall went to see Dragon Ball Evolution..which was really terrible but its actually really funny to watch its kinda worth watching ahahhaha XD me and my friend Ryan made alot o sexual induendos throughout the entire movie and we were actually pretyy loud ahhahaha XDDDD no joke, we were VERY loud. and on sunday i had a pokemon marathon with my boyfriend ahah we played pokemon snap and watched pokemon..and spongebob. we also went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and it was really good lol

i finally met my boyfriend's parents for the first time as well, they seem very nice :3 lol.
My dad is gonna meet my boyfriend tomorow...i wonder how that's gonna go. haha

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