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Saturday, March 21, 2009

   So It's been a little while
So things to update uh...
with the prom, im not too sure what's going on yet because its way too early and i'm probably nto gonna go so there ^.^

It was the first day of spring yesterday....AND IT FUCKING SNOWED.
seriously i dont understand haha...it only snowed for 15 mintues so it wasnt too bad XP but still wtf thats not normal. o_o

im halfway done with mt ap studio art project when eveyone else is still on their 2nd piece when they need to get 12 done by may...>:D hahahha
I'm going to my grandparents house and sleeping over there because I hadnt seen them in ages so it'll be nice!
oh for all the Twilight fans out there!
the dvd is out today!!!!!!!!
and i signed up for the New Moon contest yesterday (at the last minute because it technically ended at 11:59 yesterday before the twilight dvd comes out lol) and basically what I had to do was upload a video of myself saying why I deserve to be in the movie XDD

I feel bad for saying it at the last mintue too...>_> sorry guys >_<
well take care everyone!

Just woke up,
Teas Mini Twin ^_~

ps, you guys can hear my music playlist right? does it work? because i have no sound and I've been questioning myself if the music worked on my site XD haha

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